Founded in September of 2009, the Denver Executive Association is an invitation-only peer networking group exclusively for business owners and high-level executives. We meet twice-monthly for breakfast in the beautiful Gottesfeld Room in the Ritchie Center at Denver University.

Modeled after the International Executive Organization, the Denver Executive Association focuses on growing business through building trust and relationships, not through passing cold carbon-copied leads and scorekeeping.

At the Core of the DEA:

  • Developing a network of Trusted Advisors
  • Personal access to other CEO’s and Executives
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Gaining access to critical market intelligence, before it becomes public
  • Exclusive membership
  • Pre-qualification and screening of all members
  • Consistent attendance to well organized and productive meetings
  • Share confidential business referrals

“The Denver Executive Association has been instrumental in keeping my focus on the big picture. As a business owner, it is very easy to fall into the important daily activities of the business, and run out of time for the strategic efforts required to lead a business. The business leaders of the DEA help me keep a solid eye on strategy, which helps me keep my business growing.”

Ed Beery
InTechgrity Automotive Excellence

Member Benefits

Joining the ranks of the Denver Executive Association is both an honor and privilege, and there are many benefits that come with being asked to become a member. These include:

  • Association with Denver University and access to DU hockey and lacrosse tickets
  • Association with our member nonprofit organization
  • Close friendships formed within the group
  • Access to quality speakers from outside our group including government officials and lobbyists