There’s a saying that ultimately, you do business with your friends. That is probably one of the best ways to describe the Denver Executive Association: a group of friends doing business with friends.

In any meaningful friendship, few things are ever more important than trust and there is an extraordinarily high level of trust and loyalty in our group. The people in our group are genuinely interested in each other’s businesses, in helping them succeed, in helping them grow and improve — but most importantly, the people in our group are also genuinely interested in their fellow members as people.

The relationships formed within our group extend well beyond our bi-monthly breakfast meetings. We have trusted advisor meetings where 2 or more members get together for coffee, lunch, drinks, or dinner to get to know each other better, both personally and professionally.

We also have many offsite events throughout the year. These include hockey games (thanks to Denver University), Rockies baseball games, a holiday party, social outings, a summer barbecue, and other member-organized events. While our group doesn’t mandate attendance at these types of functions, we encourage all our members to participate, and to bring spouses, family, and others who might benefit from meeting the professionals in our group.

Of all the things that make our association wonderful and unique, it’s the relationships between our members and the bonds that we form that most of us value even more than the leads and business referrals that we receive because of our involvement with the DEA.

“The DEA is a group of quality decision makers who I have been able to access to help me with challenges and opportunities. As business owners or key decision makers, their knowledge and insight is critical to assisting in my success.”

Stu Halsall
Associate Vice Chancellor, Athletics & Recreation
University of Denver

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